Archaeology Tours

This will become a fantastic experience, learning about our ancient history and the Mayan population extinct thousands of years ago and how they lived and behave in society.

Coffee Tours

This tour will teach you with all the process of a cup of coffee, from the beginning on how to harvest, the wet mill, dry mill and cupping.

Culture & Nature Tours

Guatemala has some of the richest traditional arts and crafts in the continent. Textiles are the most complex, and each community has its own designs and styles. Living Culture.

Photography Tours

You have all heard this before, and you will hear it again, but there can be few places on earth that can really claim in all honesty to be a photographer’s paradise.

Fishing & Cuture Tours

The superlatives keep coming! Guatemala is the prime destination in the world for sailfish. World records tumble regularly, both in quality and quantity of the catches. The fishing grounds are a mere hour and a half from Guatemala City, so you can experience as little as a day trip

Trekking-Hiking Tours

Highland areas are worth considering due to the temperate climate and spectacular scenery, such as Lake Atitlan and routes between the volcanoes down to the coastal plains.

Bird Watching Tours

This country has some of the finest and most varied avian life of any county of similar size. In this compact nation you can view tropical, cloud forest, coastal and mountain species all during one visit.