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We are a tourism company that focuses on offering complete packages and services based on truthful, reliable information and a personalized view on all the options for trips in Guatemala. Our main focus is to develop sustainable tourism for rural areas of Guatemala with an emphasis on Adventure, Bird watching, and Habitat Conservation.


Be widely recognized as a company with the most trusted source for travel planning and having the best team of travel consultants in Bird watching, Coffee & Nature tours, becoming a leader in the professional management of sustainable tourism in Guatemala and neighboring countries.


We offer tours specialized in Bird watching, Photography, Coffee, Culture, Archeology and Nature. These tours vary in price and length, from half-day to 12 days; with a high accentuation on Bird watching since is the activity for which we have an excellent recognition and reputation.

We also provide tailor-made trips to our clients eager to discover Guatemala‚ birdlife and wildlife marvels, with the ultimate goal of fulfilling all their expectations, needs and desires with the best service provided thanks to our unique and famous experience in this area.


Directors Guatemala Nature Tours

Mrs. Bitty Ramírez-Portilla and Mr. Renato Fernadez-Ravelo


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