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Renato Fernandez-Ravelo

    An amateur photographer from Guatemala. He began taking pictures at an early age. His interest in bird photography began in 2004. He is an avid birder, having read extensively both about birds and photography. He has participated in several local exhibitions, his work has been used in several birding publications in Guatemala and particularly a book of birds from Guatemala. He has published two books, Guatemalan Feathers: A World of Magic and ¡guate! ¡guate!. Both books are available in Internet.

    He is partner at Guatemala Nature Tours,, and leading groups its his hobby and passion, specially for Guatemala sites and cultural events.

Omar Mendez

Omar-Mendez   Was born in 1974 in Guatemala city and studied Biology at Universidad Del Valle of Guatemala. He started his birding career at college by taking a course given by the Fish and Wildlife Service in Bird Banding and Monitoring where he was also trained by Chandler Robbins and Barbara Dowell in doing point counts and learning how to identify birds by observation and song. He collaborated as a student in this long term bird¬†monitoring project for three years. Then for his thesis, he spent 18 months studying the natural history and behavior of the horned guan Oreophasis derbianus, a regional endemic and endanger species of cracid, becoming the first person in Guatemala to gather data on this species.

  Omar has since then (2001) become a birdwatching enthusiast and has created the bird check lists for several coffee estates in Guatemala. Currently, he is doing bird monitoring in Filadelfia Estate in Antigua. He has acquired a deep love for guiding people in birding around Guatemala, and is currently a birdwatching tourism consultant for INTECAP (Instituto Tècnico de Capacitación) in charge of training local people to develop birdwatching tourism around the country.  He is also an active member of the Ornithological Society of Guatemala, the Guatemala Birding Club, and the International Committee for Conservation of The Horned Guan. In 2009 he was elected as Head of the Research and Investigation Commission for the Guatemalan Birdwatching Tourism Board.

Miguel Marin

    Was born in San Miguel, Peten, Guatemala. Although his earlier career was in the construction business, since 1982 he has been working with the restoration and maintenance of the Tikal National Park where he developed a special interest in archeology and the wildlife of the region. In 1987, he had the opportunity to study and become a bilingual guide within the Educational & Environmental Program sponsored by The Wildlife Conservation Society. The WCS  is dedicated to saving wildlife and wild places through a combination of international conservation, education, and the management of the world‚ largest system of urban wildlife parks. In subsequent years, he started to study birds and participate at the countdown of the Tayasal o Tah Itza, the post- Classic site for the Mayan culture, founded in the 13th century and located on an island at lake Peten Itza. In 1995, he became a professional guide for Tikal National Park in archeology, flora, and fauna while specializing on the birds of the region. He has worked with National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Televisa as well with international companies as GAP Adventure, Tucan Discovery, Tucan Travel and several agencies from the Netherlands like Djoser, one of the largest largest tour operators in Europe. Four¬†years in a row (2005-2008) he has won the certificate for best GAP Adventure guide.

Since 2004 when the Birdwatching Roundtable was founded to promote bird watching in Guatemala, Miguel has became more interested in birds especially those of the Guatemalan highlands. He has worked with companies such as Field Guides Inc., Nikon, Guatemala Nature Tours and participated with the Guatemala Annual Bird Watching Encounter.

Claire Dallies de Masaya

    Claire was born in Brazil, French descendent and resident in Guatemala., has a BA in Ecology from Texas A&M University (emphasis on conservation and sustainable development) Her Master Degree was in Tropical Biology from Missouri- St. Louis University also obtained a B.S. Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences (Wildlife Management Option) at Texas A&M University and was certified on Methodology in Education‚ and qualified on Service Best.

    Began Bird watching since 1989, with experience in North , Central, South America and Caribbean. Has participate in bird watching counting in different areas in United States and Guatemala. Worked as Naturalist guide in Guatemala and for 2 years at Galapagos National Park in Ecuador and trained a group of naturalists guides.

    Since 1996 is consultant and instructor of ecotourism in Guatemala and has develop several Agro tourism projects. Works as instructor at INTECAP and Peace Corp with volunteers of Ecotourism. Is professor at the Del Valle University and Rafael Landivar. Actual Dean for the Ecotourism Faculty at University Del Valle. Has design the curses and written manuals for instructors of Naturalist guides in Guatemala..

Leonel Azurdia

    Have been leading groups since 1,993 in Guatemala, is really good to lead people and to share the nature and culture.

Coffee Consultant: this is the way to create, opportunities, for the coffee producer, doing, sustainable tourism, And also to teach to the visitor all the process about coffee. from to plant a coffee three to drink a cup of coffee.

Consultant of: Maya Cosmology and Alive Culture, A t Maya Community. This is the way to develop the products they offer to the tourist, like, textiles, handicrafts, food, and weaving classes, to improve their income.  Specialties Eco-tourism and Culture, Macadamia nuts plantations


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