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TKL Observacion Large

AR-GN-01 TIKAL One Day



05:00 A.M. Be at Airport.

06:30 A.M.Depart Guatemala Q.20.00 collected at airline counter.
07:30 A.M.On arrival, you will be met at the airport and transferred to TIKAL NATIONAL PARK.  Here your tour guide will take you back thousands of years to the glory that was the seat of the Maya Culture. Visit Complex Q, Temple of the Great Jaguar, Temple of the Masks, Temple IV, Lost World and the site museum. You will also have an opportunity to stroll jungle trails and climb pyramids and temples. See monkeys, tropical birds and admire the Amazon-like flora.
15:00 P.M.Transfer to the airport for your return to Guatemala.Q. 20.00 domestic airport tax collected at the airline counter
17:30 P.M. Depart Flores
18:10 P.M. Arrive in Guatemala
Flight times vary depending on airline.


  • Domestic Air Fare Guatemala-Flores-Guatemala
  • Transportation to/from FLores to TIKAL Archaeologilac Site
  • Entrance fee One day
  • Picnic Lunch¬†
  • Professional Guide

Price & Dates

PRIVATE TOUR: USD 425.00 (min. 2 persons) 
Ask for your personalized Tour 
DATES: Runs Daily



Tikal and Pacifc Coast

12 Days /11 Nights

You will visit the Tikal National Park  and stroll jungle trails and climb pyramids and temples. See tropical birds like Orange-breasted Falcon and Ocellated Turkeys. Also you will know Monterrico, a protected area on the Pacific coast of Guatemala dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles and the native mangrove ecosystem. Finally, you will visit beautiful privates reserves such as Tarrales and Los Andes Farms or Las Nubes Estate.

Transportation as per itinerary,
Entrances at sites, 11 nights accommodations (double basis),
Local guide at Monterrico 2 days,
1 Local birder guide at Tikal 3 days,
11 breakfasts,
1 Tour conductor.
(Minimun 6 persons) 
Walking Yaxha

BW-GN-05 Yaxha-Tikal 3D/2N

Birding at Tikal and Yaxh?° (3 days/ 2 nights)

You will visit Tikal National Park and Yaxha archaeoligical site. Yaxh?° is the third most famous Maya site in Guatemala, and has only just been extensively investigated; though little has yet been restored. Some of the birds you will see are Keel-billed Toucan, Montezuma Oropendola, Ocellated Turkeys, Black-faced Antthrush and Orange-breasted Falcon.


  • Transportation as per itinerary,
  • 02 nights Accommodations (double basis),
  • Tour to Tikal and Tour to Yaxh?°,
  • Meals as per itinerary,
  • Domestic Flight¬† GUA-FRS-GUA.



USD 760.00    (Minimun 2 persons) 

Observacion en Tikal

BW-GN-04 Tikal 3D/2N

Birding Tour at Tikal

(3 days/ 2 nights)

You will visit the Tikal National Park  and stroll jungle trails and climb pyramids and temples.

See tropical birds like Orange-breasted Falcon and Ocellated Turkeys.


  • Transportation as per itinerary,
  • 02 nights Accommodations (double basis),
  • Tours to Tikal
  • Meals as per itinerary,
  • Domestic Flight¬† GUA-FRS-GUA.


USD 645.00

(Minimun 2 persons) 

aguateca07-Trails 3

AGUATECA, Archaeological Site


This Archaeological site, located on  Rio La Pasion at the Peten Petexbatun Area is one of the best sites to birdwatching because when you go by boat along the La Pasion River to get to the Aguateca site you see most raptors of the area perched on the trees around and are approximately 200 species that had been reported.

Aguateca is a  LATE PRECLASSIC period (300 BC РAD 350) site that sits on top of a 90 metres (300 ft) tall limestone.


DSC09537 Iximche

IXIMCHE, Archaeological Site

Iximche, Archaeological Site

Pre-Colombinan Mesoamerica Archaeological site located at the western highlands of Guatemala and was the capital of the late post classic. The architecture include two ball courts of the Maya, pyramids and temples used from 1470 until its abandonment in 1524.



Candelaria Hotel

Candelaria Hotel


QUIRIGUA, Archaeological Site

The archaeological site of Quirigua is locates on the Motagua River Lower Valley, between banana plantations. Quirigua is just 94 kilometers from Puerto Barrios on the road to Guatemala City.

Quirigua is one of the smallest mayan cities, but famous by its monumental mayan sculptures (in this site is located the largest stelae of the Maya area). The central core of Quirigu?° covers 0.5 km¬?.¬† It was occupied during the Early Classic (ca. 250 B.P) to Late Classic (ca. 900 A.D.).

In this archaeological site it is possible to watch several bird species of the Motagua Valley.




Finca Patrocinio, Natural Reserve

Private Natural Reserve & Coffee Farm El Patrocinio

Patrocinio Farm is a private reserve managed by a family company committed with the environment conservation and also is a coauthor and active promoter of the sustainable development plan of Palajunoj area, among six other farms.

Patrocinio has several sections of crops like coffee, cardamom, banana and pacayina. It also has 25 ha of native forest. Patrocinio offers the visitor spectaculars views of Santiaguito (one of the three active volcanoes in Guatemala) and Santa Mar??a Volcanoes, in addition there are many activities of entertainment such as agronomical tours (Ex. Coffee tour), camping area, hiking, nature tourism, natural river pools and bird watching photographic tour. Due to its unique combination of native forest, variety of crops and water resources, Patrocinio Farm is and ideal place for bird watching in the pacific coast.

The farm offers lodge and food service in the “patronal” house. Also has a bird list made by Claire Dallies and Jason Berry.



YAXHA & TOPOXTE, Archaeological Site

Yaxha & Topoxte Archaeological National Park

The reserve is located in the municipality of Flores, department of Peten, within the limits of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve.The site is part of the National Park Yaxha -Nakum-Naranjo.

The reserve has an extension of 407 hectares which in its totality are destined to conservation.The reserve includes Yaxha, Lacanja and Julequito Lagoons, and the archeological site. The archeological site was rediscover in 1904 the ruins continue to be excavated and have been found to be part of one of the largest ancient Mayan cities.

The architectural core of Yaxha consists of a series of plazas and acropolis groups, and three causeways. The sculptured monuments indicated occupation from the Early (200 B.C) to Late Classic (900 A.D). Yaxha means ‚Green Water‚ in mayan language.

Yaxha is home for many Neotropical species of flora and fauna typically representative of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Here it is possible observe exotic species of the birds of the region.

Your visit is important because your tourism dollars provide jobs for local guides and you contribute with the conservation of this place.


Tikal, Archaeological Site

Tikal National Park & Nature Reserve

The Tikal National Park it is located into the Mayan Biosphere Reserve, the second largest Neotropical rainforest in the world after the Amazon basin.  This park was created in 1955 and 1979 was declared World Heritage site by UNESCO for its great natural and cultural value.

The National Park includes one of the most important mayan archeological sites of Guatemala: Tikal. This city was occupied by the mayas between 700 B.C and 900 A.D. It has more than 3,000 constructions including palaces, temples, ceremonial platforms, ballcourts, residential structures, causeways, tombs and water reservoirs.

Tikal is a great place for birding, more than 400 species have been reported for Tikal.

Tikal National Park has visitant center, museums, restaurants, hotels, camping area and souvenirs shop.