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AGUATECA, Archaeological Site


This Archaeological site, located on  Rio La Pasion at the Peten Petexbatun Area is one of the best sites to birdwatching because when you go by boat along the La Pasion River to get to the Aguateca site you see most raptors of the area perched on the trees around and are approximately 200 species that had been reported.

Aguateca is a  LATE PRECLASSIC period (300 BC РAD 350) site that sits on top of a 90 metres (300 ft) tall limestone.



QUIRIGUA, Archaeological Site

The archaeological site of Quirigua is locates on the Motagua River Lower Valley, between banana plantations. Quirigua is just 94 kilometers from Puerto Barrios on the road to Guatemala City.

Quirigua is one of the smallest mayan cities, but famous by its monumental mayan sculptures (in this site is located the largest stelae of the Maya area). The central core of Quirigu?° covers 0.5 km¬?.¬† It was occupied during the Early Classic (ca. 250 B.P) to Late Classic (ca. 900 A.D.).

In this archaeological site it is possible to watch several bird species of the Motagua Valley.