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Rio Dulce desde Puente

Rio Dulce

Chocon Machacas Reserve, Rio Dulce

The Chocon Machacas Biotope is located in the northern shore of the Chocon River, at the northern border of the “Golfete”. It has an extension of 6,245 ha.

The Biotope is a special area in order to protect the manatees or “sea cows” (Trichechus manatus) of ‚ÄúEl Centro de Estudios Conservacionistas‚Äù (CECON). The access to the reserve is bay land or bay water. It has a great diversity of aquatic flora, mangroves and tropical forest. In this place is possible to appreciate great variety of fauna like manatee, jaguar, deer, otter, tapir and many species of birds.

The biotope has terrestrial and aquatic interpretative trails where is developed the tourist activity. The Biotope personal include guards, tourist receptionist, maintenance and forest rangers.