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Fuentes Georginas Water Springs & Nature Reserve


FUENTES GEORGINAS is located on the skirts of the Zunil volcano,  where the thermal sources help to made it  a natural paradise because of its natural beauty and hot  sulpher baths.

Tourists love  the hot sulpher baths, which are relaxing and stress reliving besides the containing of many minerals that are good for health and curative. It prevents acne, aids rheumatism and helps to heal fractures in the human body.

These thermo sources were discovered by two laborers from Zunil in the year 1902 and they changed it into communal bath. FUENTES GEORGINAS has always been a tourist center and has been sustained by its own means, although is own by of Zunil and Quetzaltenango.

There is a path that goes from FUENTES GEORGINAS to Lake Atitlan, in Solola, as wells as the coast. This hike is not very popular at FUENTES GEORGINAS, but can be done.  The tourist will have the opportunity to know diverse species of birds, although you don’t need to hike far away from the hot springs.