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MAYA CIVILIZATION  will become a fantastic experience, learning about our ancient history and the Mayan population extinct thousands of years ago and how they lived and behave in society. There are many cities to visit around the county and we can divide our visit depending on your interest in this area.

The most well known and visited sites are:


Less known and more remote sites are:


The museums of Guatemala City feature brilliant treasures from this amazing culture; pottery; jewelry; ornaments; stelae and everyday implements.

Let us introduce you to the extraordinary experience of re-living the history of the ancient Maya culture extinct for two thousand years. Learn how their society worked so long ago, and compare it to the Maya people living today throughout Guatemala. There are many remains of ancient cities we can visit depending on your particular interest.Also the museums at Guatemala City have the samples of what was done on those days like pottery, ornaments, dinnerware and others.

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