Coffee Plantation in Finca Las Nubes

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The Guatemala National Coffee Association (Anacafe), has separated the Guatemalan Coffee Production into 8 regions, depending on the area where they harvest the coffee bean.

Our Coffee Tours cover most of the traditional coffee regions, and include visiting the plantations and mills as well as lodging on farms, in some farms you will be able to have a cupping session to really learn about the coffee that is produced in the farm.

If you are a coffee lover, the tours we provide will be perfect for you because we want you to have a wonderful vacation and learn about the coffee Guatemala produces, all at the same time. You’ll be able to experience the coffee process from the start, with the plantations and the people involved in the production, to the end where you’ll be able to enjoy a cup of coffee. Because you will be having coffee every day, you will become an expert on the different types of coffees Guatemala makes.

Each farm will explain their own process, some will handle the process until the wet mill and some will only manage the harvest and others will go over the whole process of growing, picking and selling the bean.

The 8 Guatemala Coffee Regions and the farms we cover in each one:

  • Acatenango Valley
  • Antigua Coffee: Finca EL Pilar, Finca Filadelfia
  • Fraijanes Plateau: Finca El Rincón
  • Highland Huehuetenango
  • Nuevo Oriente
  • Rainforest Cobán
  • Traditional Atitlán: Volcano San Pedro, San Juan La Laguna, Finca Los Andes, Finca Los Tarrales
  • Volcanic San Marcos: Finca Santa Julia, Finca Las Nubes

We strive to grow the list of coffee farms, so keep coming back to see if we have added new farms!


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