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Living Culture

4Together with Mexico and Peru, Guatemala has some of the richest traditional arts and crafts in the continent. Textiles are the most complex, and each community has its own designs and styles. On the whole it‚ the women who still wear traditional clothing. The blouses, or huipiles, are of incredible detail, and the skirts, or looms (cortes) , are almost as elaborate. These articles of clothing take weeks to create, but will last the wearer for decades as fashions do not change every season in the highlands of Guatemala.

Those interested in studying or acquiring the native skills, especially weaving on back looms, can do so, with indigenous artisans only too willing to demonstrate and teach their centuries old skills.

We are also proud to present programs to experience spirituality and mysticism. Meditate in impressive Maya temples and sacred places joining elders and shamans when they celebrate ancient rituals. You can also study the cosmos and discover how many cultures can share in one vision. Seekers come to the Maya World to learn and to grow. Lake Atitlan is considered as one of the worlds‚ great physic vortexes.

Textile Tour

This tour will take you to the best places in Guatemala to see the different typical dresses made by hand and the villages who use the most beautiful handcraft Huipiles.

We will visit the museum specialized on textiles and your guide can be the an expert who can tell you all about our traditions involved with the textiles in each region.

Orchid Tour

Once a year Guatemala has a very specific event that will gather all those interested in Orchids and cultivate them as a hobby. Coban, Alta Verapaz is known as the best site to see all kinds of Orchids and other similar plants. We can prepare a nice tour with an expert to take you around and enjoy our beautiful country full of tradition and spectacular sites.


Fishing:The superlatives keep coming! Guatemala is the prime destination in the world for sailfish. World records tumble regularly, both in quality and quantity of the catches. The fishing grounds are a mere hour and a half from Guatemala City, so you can experience as little as a day trip, or if you are serious about going for a new world record, stay up to a week in comfortable beach-side hotels or private homes. A day  fishing will cost aprox. US$ 1,000.00 for a boat with capacity for 4 fishermen, with all equipment. You can also go fishing for far less by using a local panga, but you need strong nerves and good insurance, as these are local fishing boats, and the Pacific can get very unpacific at times!.

Sailing: Although Guatemala for  Caribbean coastline is very reduced, the options for sailing are certainly not. The country largest lake, Izabal lies in the tropical lowlands, and is connected to the ocean by the spectacular Rio Dulce Canyon. This inlet is one of the prime hurricane shelters of the Central American coast, and is perennially busy with sailboats from all over the world.

Sailing and motor yachts are available for hire at rates that are hard to believe. Regular sailings cover the beautiful fresh-water lake surrounded by mountains with its densely forested shores, beaches, waterfalls and hot springs, the Manatee Biotope, the Canyon as well as the coastal town of Livingston. Longer cruises take you out to the undeveloped and pristine southern Belize Cays for scuba and snorkelling trips.

Here is what you experience on each sail (can be combined with a tour to Copan and Quirigua, both Mayan archaeological sites): 

Diving, Scuba/Snorkeling:Guatemala does not claim to be the diving paradise of the world. In fact, Guatemala Caribbean coast is so small, that our expeditions from the coastal hotels of Livingston and Puerto Barrios actually go the Southern Belize Cays, about 2 hours by speedboat or 3 to 4 hours by yacht or ferry. These keys are unspoiled islands where there are no hotels, and therefore we camp on pristine beaches. Yet this is still part of the world‚ second longest barrier reef. If you want to include a dive with one of our fascinating itineraries, yet do not want the difficulty and expense traveling to Belize, this will be a perfect option for you. If you are a serious diver, we offer PADI licensed bi-lingual dive masters, who can guide you to the best reef diving and provide you with the most up-to-date equipment.

There are regular departures on dive trips throughout the year, though they tend to be associated with local holidays. Failing that, we can arrange departures for small groups (8 persons or more) from one day to several nights. Prices for these group departures run from around US$ 250.00 for a 3 or 4 day stay. Tents and scuba equipment are additional. For individuals (minimum 2), prices run around US$150.00 for a day trip from Puerto Barrios or Livingston, through we recommend at least a two-day trip with an overnight at the Key. Obviously the more people you are, the lower is the overall cost.

In the other hand, we can offer combination sailing and diving packages,which we recommend for individuals.

If you are up to your ears in coral reefs, and just can take any more colorful tropical fish, how about high attitude diving in Lake Atitlán  A wet suit is recommended for this spectacular flooded volcanic caldera, where the water temperature hovers at around 67F/19.5C. The altitude is 5,125 ft/1,562 Mts. and water clarity can vary between a low 8 in the rainy season to 45 from December to May, which is the dry season. What can you see in the lake? Not all that much in the way of wild life, but some amazing geological formations. All divers without exception attest that the Atitlán experience is an unusual and memorable one.

What to break the same old cycle? Combine lake diving with our Lake Atitlán Circuit or come over from Belize or Honduras after your dive program there. Think about this for a wonderful extension to your dive trip, with open jaw ticketing, into Belize and out of Guatemala. We can do something very similar from Honduras too. 


Probably few people would come to Guatemala specifically for golf. None the less, if you enjoy golf, you will enjoy Guatemala City‚ spectacular golf courses. With the green mountains and volcanoes surrounding the city, the courses are truly a delight to experience. Top of the line is The Guatemala Golf Club, so exclusive that you must make arrangements prior to leaving home. The Mayan (overlooking Lake Amatitlán), Hacienda Nueva and Alta Vista are all challenging and scenic courses. The course at Hacienda Nueva is par 72 and the clubhouse is a romantic old Spanish hacienda, not nueva (new) at all! Green fees can vary from an inexpensive US$ 20.00 on a weekday at Mayan, to close to US$70.00 with caddie at Hacienda Nueva on the weekend.

Horseback Riding

Everything that can be done hiking can generally be done on horseback, though obviously costs will increase. Mules or donkeys to carry belongings will accompany most hiking trips, and these animals can also be ridden off and on. None the less, for long trips, only horses or ponies will do, leaving just the luggage to the mules. Horses are available for all the treks mentioned above. The jungle treks tend to be hard on horses due to the tropical climate and parasites, and after a few hours you may feel you should have walked in the first place. The further away from civilization you go, generally the scrawnier the equine population tends to get. In this case, the Cuchumatanes on horseback can be the best experience you have ever had going to the Unicornio Azul a nice ranch with horses and experience tour leaders around the area.. On the other hand, in Antigua, Lake Atitlán and the Sombrero Ecolodge at Yaxha there are fine riding stables with healthy, happy horses only too willing to gallop off with you into the sunset, or to the mountains, volcanoes, green valleys or remote indian villages that tourists rarely visit. It may not be Indiana Jones, but there again, it will be a unique experience in spectacular scenery with an opportunity to encounter at first hand ancient traditions of the colourful indigenous people.

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