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You have all heard this before, and you will hear it again, but there are few places on earth that can actually claim it in all honesty, and Guatemala is such a place.

Our region has so much to offer that it is almost an embarrassment! From the splendor of the Spanish colonial area; the breathtaking scenery of mountains and lakes; the thriving and colorful culture of the indigenous peoples with their markets and unique lifestyle; the awe-inspiring ruins of the mysterious Maya civilization; there is no region in the world to our knowledge that has so much to offer the photographer in so small an area. You can go from the depths of steaming tropical jungles to frigid volcano peaks in a matter of hours.

A true photographers paradise!
And as if this were not enough, combine an ideal climate of eternal spring and magnificent high altitude light with a welcoming, hospitable population, and you have every photographer‚ perfect dream.

Along with the traditional sites of Guatemala, such as colonial Antigua, spectacular Lake Atitlán, colorful Chichicastenango market, a unending line of volcano peaks, we will offer exceptional photo breaks at marvelous viewpoints and sites which will we assure you will combine to make this the best photography vacation ever . Your guide will be knowledgeable in photography and will give you expert advice on perfect points, positions, light and aperture. Also a local guide in each site will give the history and explanation of the places you will be visiting.

Light is very important in photography, so you will have the opportunity to arise early for dawn‚ unique light, as well as staying later for evening‚ magic glow and sunset. We will also be encouraging night photography.

This tour will operate with just 4 participants, although if you require, it can be operated quite reasonable as a private tour also.

We offer photography tours to special events such as Holy Week. Due to the great popularity of these special events, bookings must be made well in advance in order to obtain appropriate accommodation. Some photographic areas may be located far from the well-travelled tourist routes. In this case security is always our concern, so you can be rest assured of a safe and pleasant visit to this fascinating country.

8 Day/7 night Photography Tours

GN-PT1 Modern and Historical Architecture of Guatemala:
Guatemala City – Antigua – Quetzaltenango – Chichicastenango
GN-PT2 Colonial Architecture.
Antigua – Chichicastenango – Lake Atitlan ? Maya Highlands
GN-PT3 Semana Santa (Holy Week).
GN-PT4 Birding and Nature Photography:
Birds and mammals of Guatemala.
GN-PT5 Landscape and Nature Photography
Volcanoes Agua; Fuego; Acatenango; Toliman; San Pedro; Santiaguito & Santa Maria; Pacaya; Chicabal. Lake Atitlan; Maya Highlands; Rio Dulce Canyon; Caribbean Coast; Tropical Lowland Rainforest of Peten.
GN-PT6 Archaeology Photography:
Tikal; Yaxha; Iximche; Takalik Abaj; Mirador; Ceibal; Aguateca; Copan; Quirigua.

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