El Zur, Agua Volcano Trail

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There are two principal areas in Guatemala that make a hiking trip truly outstanding, the jungle lowlands in the department of Peten, and the Maya Highlands in the north. Both of these destinations can be a tough, or relaxed, as you want to make it. We can offer a strenuous 14-day expedition, down to a one-day hike into the Maya Biosphere, which is as similar to Amazon type jungle as you can find anywhere, with the added attraction of a cornucopia of virtually unexplored Maya remains. How about a three-day hike through the rain forest, passing little visited Mayan ruins and isolated native settlements, ending at the awesome ruins of Tikal. What a way to arrive! The Cuchumatanes are a range of non-volcanic mountains, the highest at 3,837. There is just one road that crosses this range, and some of Guatemala‚ most remote villages lay clustered along fine walking trails. Here folklore and tradition of the Mam people are little diluted by modern day conveniences. Again, hiking the jungles or this highlands can be a tough or relaxed, as you want to make it. Other than these two areas, other highland areas are worth considering due to the temperate climate and spectacular scenery, such as Lake Atitlán and routes between the volcanoes down to the coastal plains.

Lake Atitlan

San Pedro beside Lake Atitlan ‚ one of the most spectacular for the sweeping views over lake and Pacific Ocean (3,055 Mts.),

We would like to feel that our hike Around Lake Atitlán could well be classified as one of world‚ great hikes, around what many consider to be the world‚ most beautiful lake.

You do not need pitons to climb a volcano, just a lot of stamina and strong desire to get to the top of everything. Because volcanoes tend to be lonely peaks, not all clustered together blocking each other out, the views from the top are sweeping and impressive. Guatemala highest mountain is a volcano, Tajumulco in the north near the Mexican border. It´s a tough two-day hike, but the views over the line of volcanoes down past Quetzaltenango, Lake Atitlán and Antigua are stunning and unique. The most popular volcanoes to climb are¬†Tajumulco (4,210 Mts.), Santa Maria near Quetzaltenango (3,768 Mts.), San Pedro beside Lake Atitl?°n ‚Äì one of the most spectacular for the sweeping views over lake and Pacific Ocean (3,055 Mts.),

Agua Volcano Trails
above Antigua (3,752 Mts.)

Agua above Antigua (3,752 Mts.), and Pacaya, close to Guatemala City‚ the only active volcano on the list (2,552 Mts.). You can ascend Agua on foot, on horseback, mountain bike, or dirt bike. The others can only be done on foot. Pacaya is the easiest, as you can get to within a two-hour hike to the summit by motor road. Volcano climbs are usually included in adventure packages.

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